Is YEMA owned by Seiko?

1998 – Yema gets acquired by Seiko

In 1998, Yema was bought by Seiko Watch Corporation of Japan.

Are YEMA watches made in China?

Yema is based in the small French town of Morteau, which is actually a shorter drive from Le Locle or La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland than it is from Besançon, the center of France’s watchmaking region.

Does YEMA make good watches?

While some may confuse Yema with the Philippine custard lollies of the same name, what they truly represent is some of the best value-for-money watches outside of the Swiss and Japanese bubbles.

Why is it called YEMA Superman?

Yema was founded by Frenchman Henry Louis Belmont. Once graduating top of his class at the National Watchmaking School in Besançon in 1931, Belmont formed Yema in 1948, supposedly naming the brand after running a contest to come up with a name in a local school.

What movement does YEMA use?

The YEMA caliber MBP1000 is a 3-hand automatic watch movement with 31 jewels. It is the first generation of a line of calibers that has since been updated (see the Evolution section below).