What is the meaning of demanda?

1a : an act of demanding or asking especially with authority a demand for obedience. b : something claimed as due or owed the demands of the workers’ union. 2 archaic : question.

What is the Tagalog of demand?

Meaning of Demand in Tagalog is : pangangailangan.

How do you say Demandar in English?

  1. reclaim, to Verb (reclaims; reclaimed; reclaiming)
  2. complain, to Verb (complains; complained; complaining)
  3. claim back, to Verb (claims back; claimed back; claiming back)
  4. call in, to Verb (calls in; called in; calling in)

What is Durante?

[duˈrante ] preposition. (nel corso di) during ⧫ in the course of. (per tutta la durata di) throughout ⧫ for.

What is the synonym of demand?

Some common synonyms of demand are claim, exact, and require. While all these words mean «to ask or call for something as due or as necessary,» demand implies peremptoriness and insistence and often the right to make requests that are to be regarded as commands.

Is Demandable a word?

Adjective. Capable of being demanded.

How do you use in demand?

: needed or wanted by many people Tickets for her concerts are always in great demand. Good plumbers are in demand in our town.

What is legally demandable?

A legal demand is one that is made by a lawfully authorized individual and is proper as to form, time, and place.

What is pure obligation and example?

A pure obligation is one that is demandable at once because it does not depend upon a future or uncertain event, not on a past event unknown to the parties and is not an obligation with a resolutory condition. A simple promissory note to pay certain amount within a certain period is an example of a pure obligation.

What are types of obligation?

The main forms of Obligation include; contractual, absolute, penal, moral, and express.

What is the differences between pure obligation and conditional obligation?

Pure obligation is one free from any condition and there is no period of fulfillment, thus it is immediately demandable. Conditional obligation is one where its fulfillment is upon the condition stipulated. Condition is a future and uncertain event which can draw the effectivity or extinguishment of an obligation.

What is real obligation?

Real obligation means legal obligation that is connected with real property. t is a duty that corresponds to real right. In other words, real obligation of a person refers to those duties that a person must perform in return for the right that s/he exercises.

What are the 4 elements of obligation?

Every obligation has four essential elements: an active subject; a passive subject; the prestation; and the legal tie. The ACTIVE SUBJECT is the person who has the right or power to demand the performance or payment of the obligation. He is also called the obligee or the creditor.

What are the 5 sources of obligation?

Terms in this set (6)
  • Law. when they are imposed by law itself.
  • Contracts. when they arise from the stipulation of the parties.
  • Quasi-contracts. …
  • Crimes or acts or omissions punished by law. …
  • Quasi-delicts or torts. …
  • Law.

What are the two kinds of real obligation?

3. KINDS OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO THE SUBJECT MATTER. Real obligation (obligation to give) – the subject matter is a thing which the obligor must deliver to the obligee. Personal obligation (obligation to do or not to do) – the subject matter is an act to be done or not.

Which comes first obligation or contract?

One party must first offer something to another. Then, the other party has to accept that offer. The consideration of a contract refers to what is exchanged, and this is where obligation comes into play.

What is the difference between responsibility and obligation?

A responsibility is a duty or task that you are required or expected to do. The key difference between obligation and responsibility is that obligation refers to actions that must be fulfilled or performed whereas responsibility refers to an action for which you are accountable.

What is the difference between real obligation and personal obligation?

1. Real obligation – obligation to give; is that in which the subject is a thing which the obligor must deliver to the obligee. 2. Personal obligation – obligation to do or not to do; is that in which the subject is an act to be done or not to be done.

What is negative personal obligation?

Negative obligations refers to a duty not to act; that is, to refrain from action that would hinder human rights.

What are some personal obligations?

Personal responsibilities include house payments, car payments, student loans, medical bills, utilities, childcare and personal care. An individual is also personally responsible for her own happiness, emotional well-being, intellectual development and career satisfaction.

What are the personal obligations?

Personal Obligations means any liability or other obligation accrued, incurred or payable by the Company to or for the benefit of Daniels or Swanson or either of them.

What are the three kinds of prestations?

  • SPECIFIC – can choose either specific performance or rescission/resolution. The creditor may only choose one. …
  • SUBSTITUTE – some other person will perform the obligation of the debtor or a different object will be delivered. …
  • EQUIVALENT – involve the conversion of the obligation to something pecuniary.